Home Exterior Remodeling

Scaffolding on Home Addition

Exterior home remodeling is most visible to the world so it’s important to have renovations in step with your neighborhood to keep property values high. We’re here to help with home additions, decks, sheds, patios, pergolas, windows and doors, vinyl siding, roofing to gutter maintenance. Consider insulation remodeling to boost efficiency in your home. You’ll save money over time!

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Home Construction Remodeling

Home Construction Remodeling

Contractor Remodel believes that every Connecticut home deserves remodeling when it comes time for interior and exterior home improvements. It adds value to your house and property while making it more comfortable. We’re fully insured so you can rest easy.

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Sunroom FAQ – What You Need To Know About Buying A Sunroom

Your sunroom is a major place in your home. A number of activities can occur within and your comfort is unmatched by many other parts of your home. If you’re in the market for a new sunroom here are some facts regarding making a purchase.

  • How will my sunroom design work? – CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings will be created as specifications for the project. If your builder doesn’t use these tools then the final project will not be as precise.
  • How long does it take? – Project build time takes about one and a half weeks to complete from start to finish.
  • What’s involved? – Some components of the sunroom addition design include deck, modules and roof.
  • What options are available? – Many design options are available. From exterior materials to sliding screens and number of windows. More sophisticated designs can be employed based on your needs.
  • Is my sunroom heavy duty? – Modern sunrooms are built for four seasons. This means that with two feet of snow you won’t have any problems with your addition.
  • Will I save energy? – Energy efficiency can be factored into your design. Energy efficient windows can help to heat your home using the sun during cooler weather.
  • What questions should I ask? – Make sure your remodeling company has previous experience building sunrooms. This helps to smooth out the processes involved. They should also be able to answer all of your other questions.
  • Do I need a permit? – You will need a building addition permit. Your remodeling company can supply you with this.

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Need Help Building Your Kitchen Sunroom?


If you are looking to build a kitchen sunroom, you’ve come to the right place. We are expert sunroom builders in Connecticut and in this article you’ll find what you need to know about a kitchen addition.

Talk to your builder about the length of time required to complete this project. The time required to build should take about one and a half weeks. In that time your building contractors will be able to lay the foundation for the sunroom, create the passageway into your home plus frame and finish your sunroom structure. Keep in mind, more advanced ideas may take more time to complete. Also note, a good contractor will offer an extensive warranty on the sunroom purchased.

What benefits will you receive from a new kitchen sunroom?

  • Expect more light in your home. Some materials can even help to heat your house in the winter time, saving you money on energy bills.
  • More flexibility when it comes to entertaining and living your lifestyle comfortably.
  • You can open screen panels for airflow in the warm weather on most sunroom designs.
  • Fast access to your outdoor landscape. Owners like the convenience of running out to the grill directly through their kitchen.
  • Great sunlight for plants to grow in. Skip the greenhouse and use your sunroom!
  • Strong modular design to handle even the toughest winter weather.
  • Additional home value based on the newly created space.

Sunrooms add a lot of comfort to your home. Owners find the space valuable when it comes to storing extra items and a great place to invite over the neighbors. Talk with your builders and make sure you’re on the same page for all of the big and little details. Sunroom owners are typically very happy with the new found space and benefits added to their home!

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Get Comfortable with Sunrooms in Connecticut

Sunroom Before & After Photos

We build all types of sunrooms in Connecticut. You will experience the comfort of your own sunroom four seasons long. We urge you to live your lifestyle and love your landscape.

  • More room – It’s a great way to store more of your favorite things.
  • Comfort – Enjoy your comfortable new addition.
  • Additional home value – Your home will go up in value based on your new room.
  • Entertainment space – Have your friends, family and neighbors over in your brand new sunroom!
  • Into your garden? Move your plants to a more sunny area of your home.
  • Live your lifestyle at home more frequently.
  • Save energy with our highly efficient doors & windows.
  • Affordable options for all size homes.

You can take an existing part of your home for us to improve. Or we can create a totally new foundation to start with. Our customers have been very happy with both types of designs.

“I personally like being able to drink my beverage in the morning with the sun shining down to wake me up. It makes me happy to get going.”
-Chris Falkowski, Owner

If you’d like to learn more about sunrooms in CT, please feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions. We know sunrooms are important to our customers and we can take as much time as you need to discuss your ideas. We’re your sunroom contractor!

Green Materials in Building

Contractor Remodel likes to use green buliding materials. We feel that they are respectful to the environment and provide the highest value to homeowners.

So, we’ve included a list of some of the products we use and find environmentally friendly:

CertainTeed Siding – The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act entitles you to an energy tax credit of up to $1,500 on energy-efficient building materials like insulation and roofing.

Marvin Integrity Windows – Highly Energy Efficient, saving you money! It also qualifies for energy tax credits.

Therma-Tru Doors – High quality means energy savings and tax credit eligibility.

Advantech Exterior Sheeting – Building with the best materials available. Why settle for less?

Tyvek House Wrap – You’ve probably seen this on a home construction project near you. This material acts as a seal to make sure outdoors don’t get indoors.

Kraft Maid, Wellborn Forest, Seville, Cork, Bamboo Interior Kitchens and Bath Cabinets – These various green materials in building are great for your home. For example, did you know that Bamboo building materials are friendly to the environment? This is because they grow so quickly the forest will not lose foliage.

Kahrs Recycled Wood – Kährs has earned the ISO 14001 environmental management certification for environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Crossville Ecocycle Tile – LEEDs certified, this tile uses recycled ceramic content.

IceStone – Has a commitment to innovate beyond harmful building materials and bad working conditions. They value an environmentally friendly bottom line.

Overall, we feel green building products can significantly improve your home. If these products and others are of interested to you, please give us a call – 860-324-5710 or 203-548-0627.

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling New Luxury Contemporary

Kitchen and bath remodeling adds a lot of value to your home. Whether it’s your counter made of marble, granite, IceStone or other materials, kitchen cabinets to add sophistication to your cooking, design of counter top islands surfacing in creative places and tile flooring which will brighten up the place. It’s enough to get most families excited! When you’re ready, we’re available as your interior design contractors specializing in kitchen cabinets CT.

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Basement Remodeling

Entertainment Room Ceilings, Pillars

Basement Finishing using quality flooring can make a huge difference in your basement. It can function as an entertainment room, movie watching in a comfortable setting and a way to incorporate acoustics into design. Custom cabinets drawn and spec’d out by our carpenter team can house your TV and equipment. If it’s custom we can always make it fit and you receive the choice of woods and other finishing materials. You can also make your home more energy efficient with basement finishing insulation. All of our current Connecticut customers love this personalized touch.

Bathroom Remodeling and Design

New Shower Tiles

Bathroom remodels

and design are highly beneficial. After all, it’s one of the most used parts of your house. Increase your Greater Hartford CT real estate value when you renovate. Some things to consider are the vanity, shower, sink/faucet, toilet, tub, cabinets and tile. It’s a lot to think about but we make it easy with computer aided design ideas and suggestions from successful remodeling. You’ll be very happy when it’s all done! So, call us for bathroom remodeling ideas!