We build all types of sunrooms in Connecticut. You will experience the comfort of your own sunroom four seasons long. We urge you to live your lifestyle and love your landscape.

  • More room – It’s a great way to store more of your favorite things.
  • Comfort – Enjoy your comfortable new addition.
  • Additional home value – Your home will go up in value based on your new room.
  • Entertainment space – Have your friends, family and neighbors over in your brand new sunroom!
  • Into your garden? Move your plants to a more sunny area of your home.
  • Live your lifestyle at home more frequently.
  • Save energy with our highly efficient doors & windows.
  • Affordable options for all size homes.

You can take an existing part of your home for us to improve. Or we can create a totally new foundation to start with. Our customers have been very happy with both types of designs.

“I personally like being able to drink my beverage in the morning with the sun shining down to wake me up. It makes me happy to get going.”
-Chris Falkowski, Owner

If you’d like to learn more about sunrooms in CT, please feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions. We know sunrooms are important to our customers and we can take as much time as you need to discuss your ideas. We’re your sunroom contractor!