In the cold, inclement winter weather we regularly face in Connecticut, many families spend the majority of their time indoors. Thanksgiving , Christmas and New Year’s dinners and holiday entertaining are memories. The kitchen is the common area in most households, where the kids do their homework, friends gather around the table, and of course for mealtimes. Take a good look around your kitchen. How do your cabinets look? Is your layout outdated? Would you like to add a kitchen island sink? Would swapping out new appliances make the rest of your kitchen look shabby? It’s a new year, and your kitchen would benefit from a remodel in 2017. From flooring to cabinets, from countertops to fixtures, trust Creative Remodeling to do a full remodel or kitchen upgrade in the Glastonbury, East Hampton or East Haddam CT area.

Whatever your motivation, whatever your budget: speak to the knowledgeable and experienced contractors at Creative Remodeling. Make your kitchen the envy of your friends and family! Call Creative Remodel and Construction at 860-324-5710 to inquire about CT kitchen remodeling options for your home today!

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