Bath Room Remodeling

Time to Remodel your East Hampton Bathroom CT

A bathroom remodel and improvement can be as modest as vanity, tile, tub, sink or toilet replacement to moving water supplies and fixtures to other locations in the room, replacing sub flooring or replacing a tub with a stone lined walk-in shower. Your home’s bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home – which is a major reason why homeowners take a long time to commit to a project which may realistically leave them without their bathroom for a month or more.

Creative Remodeling will help you preview your layout and design ideas using computer models. The bathroom contains electrical and plumbing systems. Serious issues found in one or both of these systems could derail your remodeling budget. Before you commit to a bathroom remodel, have Creative Remodeling inspect your bathroom for hazards that may significantly complicate your project. Among these complications are hidden leaks, evidence of mold, slow tub drainage, and inadequate or absent ventilation.

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Bathroom Remodeling East Hampton CT