Bathroom Improvement Contractor

Creative Remodel & Construction LLC is the company to call for bathroom renovations Colchester CT. If you’re planning to upgrade your living space, starting with the bathrooms is a smart idea. Your  bathroom is one of the most used spaces in your home. No matter how often you deep clean your bathroom, it can soon start looking dull and outdated. This is one of the many reasons why bathroom renovations are often the first home improvement projects that most homeowners consider investing their money in. At Creative Remodel, we believe that investing in bathroom renovations is absolutely worth it.

Increased Value of Your Home

Did you know that the condition of your bathrooms and kitchens can significantly impact your home value? These are the first spaces potential buyers want to see when you put your house up for sale. You’ll be amazed to know that even a minor bathroom renovation can give you as much as 102% ROI when you’re selling your house. Potential buyers will be more than willing to buy your house at a rate higher than the market average if your bathrooms are renovated as per the latest trends.

Reduced Stress

The bathroom is the first place you enter after waking up. Entering a messy, dirty, and dull bathroom will only make your mornings gloomier. However, investing in your bathroom’s appearance and functionality can actually make a difference to your mornings. Similarly, coming back home to a hot shower in a stylish, modern bathroom will help you release all the stress of the day. Whatever your motivation, whatever your budget: speak to the knowledgeable and experienced contractors at Creative Remodeling. Make your bathroom the envy of your friends and family! Call Creative Remodel and Construction at 860-324-5710 to inquire about CT bathroom remodeling options for your home today!

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