Whether you live in one of Connecticut’s historic homes or a house you bought  this century, you may be looking for a bathroom remodeling contractor. Your family spends quite a lot of time in the bathroom. Your bathroom goes through a lot of wear and tear. It’s always wet in there, dust and mildew can build up or grow on the walls or ceiling, and it doesn’t stay new looking very long. You may not need a complete overhaul. You may want to rearrange and replace a few fixtures, upgrade the tiling, or replace the floor. Creative Remodel & Construction LLC can design and build the bathroom that better suits your needs and desires.

We have the experience and the tools to transform your current bathroom into the beautiful haven it was meant to be. From a contractor’s point of view, your bathroom is a blank canvas. Creative Remodel and Construction uses computer aided design software to show you exactly what can be done to rehabilitate a tired bathroom. Having a modern bathroom increases the value of your home. Some things to consider are the vanity, shower, wall surrounds, showers, sink, faucet, toilet, tub, floor, cabinets and tile. It’s a lot to think about, but we take you through the steps and design the bathroom you can live with the rest of your life. You’ll be very happy when it’s all done! So, call us for bathroom remodeling ideas! Call us for a bathroom remodeling consultation today at 860-324-5710.

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