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Home Remodeling in Columbia CT

Are you looking for the best home remodeling company in Columbia CT? Then we want to introduce you to Creative Remodel and Construction! We are Columbia’s leading renovation company and have been raved about by your neighbors for decades. There are many reasons to remodel your home, but in case you’ve been on the edge- we’re here to highlight the benefits.

Has the current layout of your current home no longer appealing? Or, maybe your family has outgrown the space. You might be considering moving, but there are many reasons why you should remodel instead. You deserve an upgrade to the space you call home and it will also increase the resale value.

If you’re looking for trustworthy home remodeling contractors in Columbia CT, Creative Remodel and Construction is always prepared to transform your house into your dream home.

There are many reasons for remodeling your home. Below we list some of the top benefits:

1. No Need To Relocate

We personally don’t think any other reason is necessary. Did you know that moving is considered one of the most stressful events in a person’s life? Factor in the additional tasks like finding a home close to work, leaving a familiar neighborhood, and the possibility of your kids having to change schools and leave their friends are all possible when you move. With Creative Remodel and Construction, you will create the house of your dreams without leaving your current home behind.



Whether you plan on moving or not, it’s always a good idea to keep your home’s resale value in consideration. A remodel to your bathroom or kitchen remodel, or other upgraded features can significantly increase the overall value of your home. However, more importantly so, in the meantime your home will become much more comfortable to live in.

Here are some of the best ways to remodel your home in Columbia, CT`:

  • Update fixtures and appliances in your kitchen
  • Stay up to date with interior designs and colors
  • Remodeling your basement or attic
  • Installing new windows or doors
  • Incorporate energy-efficient features to lower utility costs and reduce carbon footprint.
  • Create a stylish oasis for entertaining friends and family

Whether you’re looking for an entire home remodeling service in Columbia CT, or just want to make the one you have to feel brand new- Creative Remodel and Construction is ready to help.



To continue, you may think your home has all the basics, but does it fit your current lifestyle? Your home renovation project could turn your basic house into an elegant home that fits modern times.

When it comes to customizing a house that fits your life, consider the following:

  • Change the layout of your rooms to customize how you utilize space.
  • Use of light fixtures in the perfect spot will change ambiance or mood of the room
  • A porch swing might be just what your back porch needs
  • A fireplace in your living room will add a cozy focal point, as well as add warmth during cold winter nights.
  • Building an addition will provide extra square footage and make use of underused space.
  • Adding a lazy Susan to your awkward corner cabinet serves as easier access to your dishes without moving them around.
  • Get rid of the off-brand appliances and update with stainless steel and built-in microwaves!



Don’t force your family to work around the inconveniences of your house – make your house work for your family! Whether you need a kitchen remodel to accommodate those busy mornings, or a new floor plan design that prevents over crowding when company arrives, remodeling allows you to configure every room in the house to fit your needs. Especially since your needs change over the years as your family grows!

One of the tremendous benefits of home remodeling is the flexibility—it’s up to you to decide what renovation your house needs.

To conclude, Creative Remodel and Construction is the ideal home remodeling business to work with in Columbia CT. Our team takes pleasure in each job they do, and makes sure you are entirely pleased before leaving. We have the knowledge and experience to complete tasks timely and efficiently, whether for new construction or remodeling on an existing property.

Home Remodeling in Columbia CT