Siding Replacement 

siding replacementWhen your clapboards are cracked, rotting, and you need a siding replacement contractor, call Creative Remodel and Construction.  As Eastern Connecticut’s premier kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodeling contractor, we are your local experts at home exterior remodeling. Exterior siding protects your home from the harsh elements, but even properly maintained siding may deteriorate after several decades. Should you notice areas of rot, cracks allowing water seepage and insect damage (notably termites), evidence of moisture or mold, or increase in drafts coming through walls or around window frames, you should call an expert to thoroughly inspect the exterior of your home right away.

If you own an older home and you have been patching rotting eaves and recaulking around cracked window frames to save a few bucks, you risk eventual water leakage and other damage. Modern siding can now replace the old wooden clapboard on historic homes, and it looks great. A brand new exterior remodel can secure your home’s exterior.

Spring is a very busy season for construction contractors, so let’s get together to plan your home’s exterior remodeling project while snow is still on the ground. Call Creative Remodel and Construction at 860-324-5710 to inquire about new or replacement exterior siding options for your home today!

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