Creative Remodel & Construction is a sunroom contractor based in Marlborough CT, minutes from East Haddam CT. Perhaps you have an existing porch, deck or patio with southern sun exposure. Call Creative Remodel to improve your existing living space with an attractive sunroom addition. The best candidate for sunroom conversion would be flooded with sunlight during the winter months when the sun is positioned lower in the southern sky. A Sunroom is also known as a Florida Room, Three-Season Room, Solarium, Deck Enclosure or Patio Enclosure. 

Advantages of a Sunroom Addition Include:

  • More room – It’s a great way to store more of your favorite things.
  • Comfort – Enjoy your comfortable new addition.
  • Additional home value – Your home will go up in value based on your new room.
  • Entertainment space – Have your friends, family and neighbors over in your brand new sunroom!
  • Into your garden? Move your plants to a more sunny area of your home.
  • Live your lifestyle at home more frequently.
  • Save energy with our highly efficient doors & windows.
  • Affordable options for all size homes.

A new sunroom is an addition that will improve the value of your home.  When your sunroom addition is built off your family kitchen, your family will gather there to enjoy the light and the view of your back yard without worrying about weather or insects. Sunrooms can have their own heat source, making the space a four season entertaining area. Enjoy the benefits of abundant natural light while reading and relaxing, and to have a view of the outdoors without the inconvenience of insects and inclement weather. Call Creative Remodel and Construction at 860-324-5710 to inquire about a Sunroom for your home today!


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